The Business Advisory Board on Disability (BABD) is an action group of companies, which exists to solve the problems of disabled people from the perspectives of business and society.

The Board consists of organizations on terms of membership, on free voluntary basis. In the beginning of 2014 there are over 40 companies in the board. The board is open for a new membership of any interested organizations.

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What do the companies have from participation in BABD?

  1. Use of large companies experience in the issues related to versatility, social responsibility, inclusive employment of challenged people and charity
  2. Strengthening of the company’s brand at the labor market. Social responsibility issues become a part of values and development strategies for more and more companies, both worldwide, and in Russia
  3. Increase of their own staff loyalty
  4. Obtaining professional recruiting agency services from ROOI Perspektiva which is competent in different aspects of challenged people employment
  5. Performance of employment quota for challenged people by recruiting specialists necessary for a company
  6. Obtaining of advisory and training services from ROOI Perspektiva, as well as practical assistance in legal issues related to challenged people employment, their adaptation within the team, and on the increase of the company’s services and products accessibility for clients with disability
  7. Participation in different social events organized and held by the board members: the contest “path to career” for the students with disability, forum “business for equal opportunities”, film fest “cinema without barriers”, photo exhibition “life in full color”v
  8. Exchange of experience and examples of successful employment of challenged people in the companies – BABD participants

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