Annual competition “The Way to a Career” for young professionals with disabilities

The 8th edition of the competition The Way to a Career will take place the 21th of April 2014 Address: EY office. Participation is free. Contact us to register.

The competition The Way to a Career has been held annually. The organizer of this event is the Business Advisory Board on Disability (BABD) with the assistance of Regional Disabled People Public Organization “ROOI Perspectiva” (‘Perspective’). Business actively participates in solving the problems of employment for people with reduced capabilities and more than 40 companies are active in the field. Among them are HeadHunter, KPMG, Microsoft, Clifford Chance, Coleman, DPD, EY, Nike, FM Logistic, Megafon, SAP, IBM, Transaero, etc. The competition aims to offer participants some practical opportunities of employment. The number of participants and their preparation level increase from year to year. Finalists are selected by ROOI “Perspektiva” among a huge number of applicants according to the competition results. After that, all participants take part in a training, a series of seminars organized by ROOI “Perspektiva” and other companies members of BABD. The competition format changes from year to year, in order to best identify the applicants’ potential. The participants are not supposed just to talk about themselves, their education and professional skills or expectations, during presentations in front of the public and the jury. They will also have to undergo individual interviews and then play a business game. The aim of this game is to identify participants’ business skills, to evaluate their capacities in communicating constructively, supporting their team and working together while aiming at a common goal. The representatives of the companies coming to see this competition will have the opportunity to witness the abilities and motivation of participants, ask questions, and discuss their job experience together with members of BABD. Within two weeks after the contest, finalists will be offered an internship and, according to its results, they will be given the opportunity to join permanently the companies members of BABD. Thanks to the efforts of BABD members, the majority of winners during the last finals are now successfully employed.

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